AFCA Makes a stand about unresolved insurance complaints

Surge in Insurance Complaints The Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) has sounded the alarm bells, signalling a significant increase in complaints about general insurance. With no end in sight unless the industry steps up its game, consumers are left feeling frustrated and underserved. As the volume of complaints continues to rise, it’s imperative to explore […]

Unlocking Your Rights: Understanding the Aussie Home Loans Insurance Class Action

In recent legal developments, Shine Lawyers has launched a class action on behalf of individuals who acquired a Mortgage Protection Plan or My Protection Plan policy with Aussie Home Loans Insurance on or after 28 February 2018. This significant development sheds light on critical issues surrounding the sale and representation of these insurance products, urging […]

CBA Comminsure Class Action

Auto and general insurance

CBA have a new class action being processed on behalf of people who obtained Comminsure life or income protection policies through financial advisers appointed by: Commonwealth Financial Planning Limited (CFPL) Financial Wisdom Limited (FWL) It is alleged that these financial advisers, who may have operated under other business names: Did not act in their clients’ […]

Analyzing Money3’s Lending Practices: ASIC’s Regulatory Oversight and Support Solutions by Get My Refund Pty Ltd.

Auto and general insurance

Introduction: In the realm of financial assistance, Money3 has been a notable player, especially in offering Centrelink friendly loans. However, recent developments have cast a spotlight on Money3, with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) expressing concerns about their lending practices. This article aims to delve into what Money3 does and the issues raised […]

Uncovering Billions in Unwarranted Insurance Expenditures in Australia

Get My Refund

We are excited to share some great news from the Get My Refund team! Recently, we were featured on Australia, bringing attention to a significant financial issue affecting numerous Australians – unwarranted insurance expenses. This problem is costing Australians billions, and it is time for consumers to act.  The Hidden Burden of Unwarranted Insurance  […]

Get My Refund Recognized for Exceptional Growth in AFR Fast 100

Get My Refund, the leading player in the Consumer Remediation Services industry, is proud to announce its inclusion in the prestigious Australian Financial Review’s (AFR) 2023 Fast 100 list. This accolade highlights Get My Refund’s remarkable revenue growth and its prominent position in the industry. Carly Woods, the founder of Get My Refund, expressed her gratitude […]

Get My Refund: Guiding Entrepreneurs through the Small Business Maze

Get My Refund

In the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship, every decision counts. From managing finances to understanding intricacies, small business owners face a myriad of challenges daily. That is where Get My Refund steps in, serving as a beacon of support for entrepreneurs seeking knowledge to navigate the intricate landscape of small business operations effectively. Informative and Supportive […]

Navigating Refunds in New Zealand: How Get My Refund Can Assist

New Zealand’s insurance landscape is witnessing significant changes, particularly with Tower, a major insurer. Recently, Tower has encountered issues with their multi-policy discounts, leading to an unexpected increase in remediation costs, now estimated to reach approximately NZ$11.2 million. This situation, stemming from incorrect discounts dating back to 2016, affects around 65,000 customers.  For many, navigating […]

Welcome to Get My Refund: Your Ally in Financial Justice

Get My Refund

Navigating the complexities of financial products can be daunting. At Get My Refund, we believe in empowering you with the knowledge and support to claim what you’re rightfully owed from mis-sold financial products and insurances. Understanding Your Financial Rights Every consumer deserves transparency and fairness. You have the right to be informed about the terms […]