Who we are

The Get My Refund team have a large amount of experience internationally and locally in the Finance & Insurance industry, not only has this given us the knowledge and the skills to see how and where you have been miss-sold these add on insurances and the refund due to you, but a real life experience of how immoral the industries can be towards consumers!

With the recent Covid-19 'GET MY REFUND' have experienced a high volume of people seeking out opportunities for refunds. This has helped Individuals, Couples and Families in this challenging time claim back money owing to them they never knew existed! We work for the consumers to get back what is owed, and we will not be deterred by any push back that could be encountered along the way.

We specialise in reclaiming money for consumers by investigating your individual situation to get back what you are owed if you were mis-sold, even if your loan is still current or has been paid out within the last TEN years.

Incentives for sales staff to use clever tactics to close deals has caused major problems in our financial sector, to be dishonest and sell insurance products to whomever possible and wherever possible without taking into account what each customer actually needs and if in fact was of any benefit at all to the consumer.

This had led to a consumer potentially having an insurance product on their loan that is not only unsuitable but with no benefit and at a very high cost!

Have you been taken advantage of by high pressure sales of finance goods?

Million's of consumers do not realise that these add on insurances have actually been included into their loan/loans.

If you are in this situation then you may be entitled to a refund of these add on insurances depending on your situation.

Get My Refund analyse what you have been sold and if it was sold correctly, determine what you are owed as a refund and handle all the refund claim management on your behalf.

Get My Refund are the best and first company in Australia to offer this service, we care for consumers who have been misled and we are here to help. We are taking a stand not to allow this to happen anymore, and if there is a refund owed we will find it!

About Us

Hey! My name is Carly, I am the Founder of Get My Refund Pty Ltd.

I have always been passionate about creating something that did good for people, to use my knowledge to help others benefit, and be a positive inspiration to others in a somewhat negative world.

After being in the finance and Insurance industry for a long time, the lack of the consumers financial knowledge out there was highlighted to me which unfortunately opens up ways to be taken advantage of.

I wanted to create a company that not only provides a service for Australians to get back what they are owed, but dedicated to create an awareness for them of what to look out for in the future. The intention is to educate and eliminate it happening again.

Trust and Respect are my values, success to you is my goal.

Get My Refund is an authorised representative of Sphere Insurance Group ABN 95605842117 AFSL 478959 Agent number 1279752
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