About Us

The Get My Refund team possesses extensive international and local experience in the finance and insurance industry. This background equips us with the knowledge and skills to identify instances of mis-selling add-on insurances and loans and determine potential refunds owed to you. We’ve witnessed firsthand the predatory actions of these industries towards vulnerable consumers.

In the realm of sales, high-pressure tactics have caused issues in our financial sector, encouraging dishonest practices and the sale of insurance and lending products without proper consideration for each customer’s needs or the benefit of the policy. This has led to consumers having costly insurance products on their loans that provide little or no real value.

Have you encountered high-pressure sales tactics when making purchases such as a car, home, personal loan, or credit card? Not all sales involve high pressure, and many consumers may not even be aware that add-on insurances have been included in their loan products. If you find yourself in this situation, you may be eligible for a refund of these add-on insurances or even the entire loan.

Get My Refund assesses what you’ve been sold and whether it was done correctly. We then determine the refund you’re owed and manage the entire refund claim process on your behalf. We’re the pioneers in refunding mis-sold loans and insurance practices in New Zealand to protecting consumers from being misled. If there’s a refund owed, we’ll find it. We are New Zealand’s leading Consumer Remediation Service!

Our Founder

Carly Woods is the Founder of Get My Refund.

Carly is the ultimate poacher-turned-gamekeeper. She has many years’ experience in the finance and insurance industry and established Get My Refund as she saw first-hand the perfect storm created when banks and insurance companies are incentivised to mis-sell to consumers with a lack of financial knowledge.

With experience in the UK where the refund and compensation sector is many years old and billions of pounds of refunds have been out, Carly felt that Australian banks, financial institutions and insurance companies must also be held accountable for the same practises, now outlawed in the UK. 

Carly established Get My Refund to seek justice for Australian consumers and empower them with the knowledge to prevent this, or anything similar from ever happening again.   

This nascent industry has already paid out millions but Carly sees this is a drop in the ocean of refunds available to consumers.