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Navigating the complexities of financial products can be daunting. At Get My Refund, we believe in empowering you with the knowledge and support to claim what you’re rightfully owed from mis-sold financial products and insurances.

Understanding Your Financial Rights

Every consumer deserves transparency and fairness. You have the right to be informed about the terms of your credit products and to receive fair treatment from providers. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. We’re here to educate and guide you through the process of recognizing and rectifying these missteps.

Our Role in Your Financial Journey

Get My Refund stands as a beacon of hope for those lost in the labyrinth of financial jargon and complex refund processes. Our track record speaks volumes, with countless consumers assisted and significant refunds secured. We’re not just a service; we’re your financial justice warriors.

We have claimed refunds back from lenders such as :

Money 3



St George 


And the list goes on! 

Real Results, Real Impact

With a dedicated team of experts, we’ve transformed the refund process into a seamless experience, ensuring that you don’t just understand your rights but also know how to act on them effectively.

Ready to Reclaim What’s Yours?

Don’t let uncertainty dictate your financial well-being. If you suspect you’re owed a refund from a financial product, reach out to us. Our specialists are on standby to evaluate your case with the utmost transparency and expertise.

Take the First Step Towards Financial Fairness

Connect with Get My Refund today. Reach out through our contact page, or give us a call at (02) 9156 1000. Let’s make justice not just a possibility, but a reality.

Get My Refund will fight for every cent you're owed.

We specialise in reclaiming money for consumers by investigating your individual situation to get back what you are owed if you were mis-sold, even if you loan is still current or has been paid out already.

We're experts in reclaiming back money on mis-sold junk insurance, irresponsible lending and superannuation fees.
It's as easy as...
  1. We analyse your info
  2. We submit your claim for you
  3. You get paid!