Get My Refund Recognized for Exceptional Growth in AFR Fast 100

Get My Refund, the leading player in the Consumer Remediation Services industry, is proud to announce its inclusion in the prestigious Australian Financial Review’s (AFR) 2023 Fast 100 list. This accolade highlights Get My Refund’s remarkable revenue growth and its prominent position in the industry.
Carly Woods, the founder of Get My Refund, expressed her gratitude for this achievement, stating, “We are truly honored to be recognized among Australia’s fastest-growing companies in the AFR Fast 100. This acknowledgment is a testament to the dedication and trust of our clients who have played a vital role in our journey to success. Being listed in the AFR Fast 100 marks a significant milestone for Get My Refund, and it showcases the hard work of our team.”
Over the past year, Get My Refund has achieved an outstanding revenue growth rate, establishing itself as a major player in the Consumer Remediation Services sector. The company has successfully helped countless consumers recover money they were unaware they were owed, particularly from mis-sold insurances and credit-related products.
In addition to its remarkable growth, Get My Refund continues to fulfill its mission of making justice affordable and accessible, especially for those who cannot afford legal representation. The company’s dedication to ethical and honest practices has set it apart from competitors in the industry.
Looking ahead, Get My Refund’s primary focus remains on expanding its reach and providing diverse refund products to consumers. The company aspires to reach a global audience and aims to achieve $50 million in revenue by 2025.
About the AFR Fast 100:
The AFR Fast 100 list recognizes and celebrates the fastest-growing large, established companies across various industries in Australia. It serves as a benchmark for success and growth within the business community.
About Get My Refund:
Get My Refund, founded by Carly Woods, is a prominent player in the Consumer Remediation Services industry. The company specializes in helping consumers recover money owed to them, particularly from mis-sold insurances and credit-related products. Get My Refund is committed to making justice affordable and accessible to all, regardless of financial constraints.
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