ASIC Is Seeking Feedback on Intervention Orders for Short Term & Continuing Credit Contracts – Here’s Why

Royal Commissions, class-actions, first-hand accounts from consumers wronged by companies placing profits over service – the evidence continues to mount on the ongoing misconduct of credit, insurance and banking organisations across Australia. Now, the latest story is that ASIC is seeking feedback from stakeholders on proposed short-term credit and continuing credit contracts.

Published via the consultation paper entitled Product Intervention Orders: Short Term Credit and Continuing Credit Contracts, ASIC detail their proposition of utilising product intervention powers to curb consumer detriment, caused by those in the industries offering these contracts. This follows a previous intervention order placed on 13 September 2019 which tackled short term credit providers working with associated firms to combine administrative and management fees to over 1000% of the actual loan amount.

ASIC’s Ongoing Work to Fight Misconduct in the Short Term & Continuing Credit Industries

These measures are only part of ASIC’s ongoing work to address the predatory nature of short-term lending practices that prey on vulnerable customers in need of financial support. They are looking to further utilise their product intervention orders to prevent such products that include excessively high costs from being sold.

ASIC believes that if serious changes to these industries are not enforced, credit providers may begin to again offer the type of products described above that subvert the National Credit Code via associated partners hiking prices. The new proposals would:

  • Outline all fees and charges related to obtaining credit and the associated interest to better clarify how they fall under the conditions of the contract
  • Specify all fees and charges captured by the credit provider have been paid by a retail client
  • Impose a cost cap on total fees capable of being charged under continuing contacts for retail clients in a low-income or unemployed status

Lending providers continue to attempt to circumvent ASIC’s previous orders, and so the public has been invited to offer their feedback on enacting intervention orders on short term credit and continuing credit products.

The due date for submissions is 21 January 2022.

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Should these proposals of product intervention orders from ASIC relating to short term credit & continuing credit contracts eventuate, it will give consumers currently locked in more power to not only end the agreement but perhaps even to make a claim for a refund.

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