We are preparing your refund!

Our team worked super hard to achieve this outcome for you, and we are stoked with your result! Congrats! We know you can’t wait to have your refund processed, but let’s run through a few FAQs to ensure you’re aware of how our process works and how long Get My Refund takes to close your case.


What happens now?

Your signed settlement agreement has been sent to the provider, so they can start your refund process from their end. No need to worry, we’ll be in touch if there are any hiccups along the way.


How long does Get My Refund take to hear back from my provider? 

The average refund processed is 28 days from acceptance. There is no law on how quickly the provider has to pay. Rest assured, your refund has been secured and confirmed. We will continue to work with them until it is completed. 


How can I help?

  • Stay patient — Do not chase the provider or GMR for payment. This can create new cases on your file and may delay the process of your refund.
  • Review your bank details Double-check the bank details you provided. We can not change these once processed or claim back any payments made to the incorrect account. If you do wish to have your refund deposited into a different account than the one provided, please contact us immediately. (Charges apply for incorrect banking details)
  • Time Allow time for processing. Every provider has a different time frame and system for processing refunds, so sit tight, and you’ll have your cash in no time.


We will continue to work for you and chase your refund until complete. However, we need to work within the provider’s time frames, which can be out of our control.


How is the money paid?

Your refund is here! Once your refund has been cleared, here’s what happens next:

  • Full refund amount is sent to GMR Trust Account
  • Once received, we process your refund directly to you (less the GMR 40% fee plus GST)
  • This claim will then be closed and settled


Please review Get My Refund Here

We will always update you if the process changes and keep you informed! And, of course, if you believe you are entitled to any other refund from a provider or otherwise, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team.