We are preparing your refund!

Our team worked super hard to achieve this outcome for you and we are stoked with your result!

What you need to do now?


1. You will need to sign our resolution deed via your portal for us, We will shortly send you the link.

2.You will be prompted to select how you will pay our fee,  either to pay in one go or payment plan and first payment date, you then are prompted to enter your card details for the fee to be debited on the terms you select. 

3.Once you have supplied your payment details we will then send a separate form from the provider which will send via ‘ZOHO SIGN’ check your junk. Once all is completed we will send to the provider to start the refund process.


How long does this take?

The average refund processed is 14-28 working days, there is no law to how quickly the provider has to pay. Rest assured your refund has been secured and confirmed, we continue to work with them until it is completed.


How can I help?

  • Do not chase the provider or GMR for payment, this can actually create new cases on your file and may delay the process of your refund.
  • Double check the bank details you provide, we can not change these once processed or claim back any payments made to incorrect account. (Charges apply for incorrect banking details)
  • Send a bank statement with your account/bsb and address so we can speed the provider up for you with this info
  • Time Allow time for processing

We will continue to work for you and chase until complete, we do however need to work within the providers time frames which can be out of our control.

As you receive the refund in full you will need to pay Get My Refund as per your invoice.

How is the money paid?

Important Information

The way the refunds are processed are via the terms you have with your financier. They pay in accordance with the cancellation policies of your contract, this can differ between contracts and providers.

We always push for the refund to come direct but below is the usual rule:

Active Accounts or Loans/Collections Agency

  • The Full Refund will be deposited on to your active account.
  • This will reduce your balance and overall interest: this will put your payments ahead.
  • We offer a payment plan on this option, please message us on your portal, we can set this up for you.

Settled or Closed Accounts/Loans:

The full amount will be refunded to your bank details provided.

As confirmed by your provider, Get My Refund have successfully won your claim

Our invoice will need to be paid within 14 days of receiving

It is important to make the payment of your invoice for our services. Failure to pay will result in your account being referred to a collections agency, and further charges incurred will