Get My Refund

AFCA Escalation

What happens now?

We are submitting your claim to AFCA, Australian Financial Complaints Authority. Due to the providers internal disputes declined response. We now escalate it so we can achieve your best resolution.

How long does this take?

AFCA process is to assign a Case Manager to work with us and your provider to obtain a better result. We work efficiently alongside their process; all claim times depend on individual complexity and circumstances. We manage this all for you. See the process here.

How can I help?

  • Information required If we have any questions it is super important to act fast, so we can keep to processing times.

  • Further details may be required only by phone or email.

  • Time Allow time for the best outcome. AFCA has different stages before resolvement.

You are in good hands. Please look at FAQs before contacting us, so we can work on maximising your refund.


How much is the refund?

This will not be confirmed until any claim has been completed in full, we will fight for the maximum you can be entitled to from inception of your loan. Previous cancellations, rebates can affect these refunds. IF your claim is successful is ONLY when we can confirm amounts.

How do I get updated?

We will communicate with you through your client portal will update the stage for you. Please check emails/portal for any actions required from you.

As always, we are excited to win you a positive result and the moment we have an update on your refund claim, you will be the first to know!

GMR Team x