We are now checking for your claims.

What happens now?

As per your instructions, our specialists request the Bank/Financier to provide information on your Loan Contracts, applications or statements. This is called a ‘Privacy request’.

How long does this take?

There are different time scales dependant on individual circumstances, the lenders have current delays – DO NOT chase the team for outcomes as this delays the process and our ability to chase on your behalf. Extensions will apply for incorrect/incomplete information you have provided.

How can I help?

  • Please advise of your account numbers, references or upload documents you have to assist us in obtaining your information.
  • Avoid delays by ensuring full legal, including middle names, previous names, previous addresses and matching signatures on identification must be correct in ‘My Profile’ in your portal.
  • Check your updates we send to you!

You are in good hands. Please look at FAQs before contacting us, so we can work on maximising your refund.

Important things to know

Warning – if the provider contacts you regarding anything other than identification purposes, please refer them back to us, for us to deal with to obtain the best outcome.

DO NOT engage or contact them whilst this is in process regarding your claim, forward all correspondence to privacy@

How do I know I have a refund?

We will not know until we have been provided the requested information, this can take time then our specialists will investigate if you have case to claim or not. Your claim status, will advise you of this outcome.