Get My Refund

Great news, we have a claim to send for you!

What happens now?

Having reviewed the correspondence information, we have been provided plus the questions you answered, we now submit a detailed complaint for your claim request to Stage 1. We will continue relentlessly working hard on quickly receiving the best outcome for you. Our specialists will be in touch with you only if needed.


How long does this take?

By law we have to give 45 days for a first response, if more time is needed, we allow for this to get the best resolution. Each claim is different, varying the time it can take to resolve. Escalation of your claim and claims sent to AFCA may be extend claims times.


How can I help?

  • Information required  If we have any questions along the way for you as per your terms it is important you act fast, so we can keep within processing times.
  • DO NOT engage or contact them whilst this is in process, immediately forward all correspondence to, noting your claim number. Or you can upload in your portal.
  • Time Allow time for best outcome.

You are in good hands. Please look at FAQs before contacting us, so we can work on maximising your refund

How do I get updated?

We will communicate with you through your client portal, for any actions required from you and to update your stage. We may contact you via telephone for further information needed.


Things to know

The providers do contact our clients to offer lower amounts and to try and deal directly with you. They are trying to close the claim and not act transparently with you.

Please let us know immediately.

How much is the refund?

This will not be confirmed until any claim has been completed in full, we will fight for the maximum you can be entitled to from inception of your loan. Previous cancellations, rebates can affect these refunds. IF your claim is successful is ONLY when we can confirm amounts.

Where possible we will opt in/out of Class Actions or Legal proceedings to manage & obtain your refund


How does the refund work if I am successful?

Let’s make this super clear…

(This information is also in the terms you have signed with us if you need more details)

  • If your loan is active Loan – As per your financier process you will be paid the refund on to your Active Loan. This will reduce the loan amount plus the overall interest you are paying! We can offer instalments for our Fee, (on this this option if needed).
  • Settled Loan – Your refund will go to your nominated account

When we can we will always endeavour to push for the providers to pay our Trust account for you. We can make sure correct amounts are paid directly and quickly to you.

Average days for each claim can be between 30-75 days*

We have 99.7% winning claim rate and we are relentless to help you win too**


Thank you for using Get My Refund!

Team GMR x

*Current Average time frames, extensions may apply.

**Current average claim rate