Your claim is in a class action

What happens now?

A class action has been filed against your provider; they are currently working through legal proceedings.

Class actions in Australia are run on what is known as an “opt-out” basis. This means that claims are commenced and initially pursued on behalf of a defined group, regardless of whether all of the members of the group know about the claim when it is commenced. This does not mean you are automatically entitled to any of the proceedings, the settlements get divided by the whole group – we always try to win you the maximum available, whether that means entering you in the settlement or taking as an individual.

What is the process?

If opt out available:

  • We make the complaint to the provider
  • We work hard to get your complaint heard as an individual
  • Class actions can be at different stages when you come to us, we have to work with this time scale
  • If there is an opt out already, we assist in opting you out and pursue your claim
  • This may take escalations and even to AFCA

If opt out not available yet:

  • The Australia courts set these Opt Out notices
  • Once available we obtain this
  • We send to you to opt out
  • We send to the courts to opt you out
  • Pursue your claim as an individual

As you can see there can be a lot of work, and it can take time and they do not make it easy to opt out. There are many reasons for this, none of which seem to be at your advantage! Some class actions in full can go beyond two years if not opted out. We reduce this time.

We have a close watch on the class actions, if you do not hear from us please know were working on as much as physically possible and where there is a win we will get it for you. The more people we can opt out the better!

What can I do to help?

  • DO NOT engage or contact them whilst this is in process, immediately forward all correspondence to resolutions@, noting your claim number. Or you can upload in your portal.

  • Double check the bank details you provide, we can not change these once processed or claim back any payments made to incorrect account. (Charges apply for incorrect banking details)

  • Time Allow time for processing

Until we have made our checks that this is the correct settlement, we do not want a lower amount being accepted accidentally.

How do I get updated?

We will communicate with you through your client portal, for any actions required from you and to update your stage. We may contact you via telephone for further information needed.

Things to know

The providers do contact our clients to offer lower amounts and to try and deal directly with you. They are trying to close the claim and not act transparently with you.

Please let us know immediately.


Thank you for using Get My Refund!

Team GMR x