What is novated leasing?

A Novated Lease, is a three-way finance arrangement between you, your employer and the lease company, of which is usually at your employers choice. Part of the payment gets deducted form your pre taxable income, which can save on the tax you pay, the amount of which is depending on your tax bracket. You save […]

Removal of Safe Lending Laws and Potential Impact on Consumers

Almost 600,000 Australians thus far have sought protection under safe lending laws. However, the federal government has proposed scrapping the laws, which can have repercussions on many consumers and borrowers in Australia. The proposal is still moving through the Senate under the purview of the Senate Economics Committee. Following a number of committee hearings in […]

Buy Now Pay Later

Buy now, pay later…sounds like a dream situation, right? It means that you can “buy” a product and take it home without paying the full cost of the product up front! You are able pay for it over time through instalments. Sounds like Layby, but better! Unlike the traditional Layby payment option, you are able […]

Misleaded by travel insurance…what next!

The one thing that has been drilled in to us, mainly by insurance companies… is the fear that potentially something terrible could happen whilst were on that one and only travelling trip. Travel Insurance is one of those purchases that we don’t often scrimp on out of due to this fear. Let’s take a look…You […]

What are payday lenders?

Payday loans (also known as Cash Advance Loans or Check Advance Loans) refer to a type of fast cash loan that is typically under $2000. The loan itself is known as an unsecured loan, as it does not need a security against it. Even though the loan is small, this can be risky business for […]